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LuxVet Group

LuxVet Group brings together and develops the Polish veterinary sector in a flexible, partnership business model. In collaboration with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, it creates a new quality of service and raises the standards of work in the veterinary sector.

As part of its activities:

We open our own
veterinary facilities

including the largest animal hospitals in Poland. We create them based on the knowledge of Polish medical authorities and the best Western European models. In the coming years, we will build five state-of-the-art hospitals that will collaborate with other Group facilities across the country.

We support their
further development

with respect for what has been achieved so far. Joining establishments retain their own brand and local identity. We do not change names, we do not interfere in medical decisions, we do not impose procedures. We listen and exchange knowledge, relieving owners of management and administrative activities to the extent that suits them.

We integrate existing
veterinary centres

From one-person practices to specialised clinics. We integrate them into our platform, offering their owners capital support and state-of-the-art solutions: organisational, technological, equipment and training

We are raising the standards of work
in the veterinary industry

increasing employee satisfaction. We propose solutions for better work organisation and provide access to specialised training and tools for the professional development of our facilities’ staff.