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Heart disease contracted by domesticated animals cannot be avoided. Its severity is due to the lifestyle with which animals are becoming more like humans, and moving away from the natural state in which their near and distant ancestors lived. This is what exposes dogs, cats and animals of other species to cardiac diseases. Added to this are the behavioural changes, as well as the genotype, obtained during selective breeding of many breeds. As cardiac ailments are as dangerous in animals as in humans and as dangerous as cancer, they should be treated. This is dealt with by veterinary cardiologists. At the KUROSZ Clinic, we use the latest methods and drugs in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in dogs and cats. In particular, we offer our patients:

  •  early detection of congenital and acquired heart defects,
  •  diagnosis of genetic defects (genetic load tests),
  •  ECG examination
  •  detection of hypertension (using a state-of-the-art veterinary blood pressure measuring device),
  • biomarkers of heart disease,
  • cardiovascular examination as preparation for general anaesthesia,
  • ascicardium diagnostics,
  • interventional procedures (pericardiocentesis, partial removal of the pericardial sac),
  • diagnosis of cardiac tumours.