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Animal skin is exposed to harmful substances to a much greater extent than human skin. Rash and irritation resulting from such contacts is one of the ranges of dermatological treatments offered by the specialists at the KUROSZ Clinic.

Mainly, however, veterinary dermatology is a speciality geared towards the diagnosis and treatment of a number of serious diseases that cause changes in the skin but also result from pathological changes in internal organs. That is why we are equipped in our clinic to perform a whole range of dermatological analyses:

  •   examination of epidermal scrapings (detection of mycoses, ringworm, scabies, etc.),
  •   tests for the presence of external parasites (fleas, lice, etc.)
  •   cytological examination of material taken from skin fragments showing pathological changes,
  •   biopsies and trepanobiopsies (taking sections for histopathological examination),
  •   smears for the presence of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, including antibiotic susceptibility (tests are performed on site at the Clinic or in a reference laboratory),
  •   full diagnosis of food allergies, atrophies (using specific tests), as well as desensitisation (in this respect we cooperate with laboratories: Idexx VetMedLab and Laboklin from Germany),
  •   elimination diets,
  •   diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune skin diseases (such as pemphigus or lupus).
  •   Our pharmacy and shop are stocked with a full range of skin care and metabolism support products (vitamins, supplements, shampoos)