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Internal medicine

The specialisation in internal medicine is, in veterinary medicine as in human medicine, the basis for all other specialisations. It covers the widest range of diseases and treatments. Internal medicine diagnosis is something we always start with for every patient brought to us. We use our knowledge and experience of internal animal diseases whenever more detailed examinations need to be carried out. Treatment of our patients, as with humans, sometimes ends with internal medicine procedures and sometimes requires referral to a specialist and unique tests. All this is taken care of at the KUROSZ Clinic. Below, we list examples of procedures, tests and treatments that are included under internal medicine:

  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive, respiratory and urinary systems (X-ray, ultrasound, including contrast studies),
  • neurology,
  • rehabilitation,
  • paediatrics,
  • treatment with blood products (including group compatibility testing, blood bank),
  • determination of blood groups in cats,
  • laboratory tests of blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, body cavity fluids (most tests already performed on site during a visit),
  • faecal parasitological tests (on site at the clinic),
  • genetic testing in predisposed breeds (storage diseases, polycystic kidney disease in Persian cats and their offspring and many others),
  • periodic preventive examinations,
  • management of oncology patients (also during chemotherapy),
  • serological tests for infectious diseases (among others: FeLV-cat leukaemia, FIV-cat acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, parvovirus, distemper),
  • prevention and treatment of parasitic and infectious diseases (vaccinations, serums and others),
  • observations for rabies.