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Orthokine IRAP regenerative medicine

In our clinic, we have been using various treatment methods from the field of regenerative medicine in its broadest sense for several years.

In the early days, it was platelet-rich plasma – PRP. We used it to treat osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

Then we started working with stem cells. We still use this method successfully today.

Another method used most extensively in our clinic recently is Orthokine IRAP.

It is a method involving the injection of the patient’s own specially prepared plasma into the affected joints. The method is very safe. Material is taken from the same patient and prepared for treatment under special conditions on the basis of a patented and well-studied method.

We are certified to use this treatment.

When do we use IRAP therapy?

  • for osteoarthritis,
  • when it hurts,
  • in patients with reduced joint mobility,
  • in geriatric patients with irreversible joint changes,
  • in patients with diseases of the spine(discopathies, cauda equina syndrome) when they cannot undergo surgical treatment,
  • as a support for ligament diseases in addition to surgical treatment.

We look forward to seeing you in our clinic.