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Veterinary surgery

As in human medicine, next to internal medicine it is one of the main and most comprehensive specialisations. Indeed, surgical procedures are performed on most organs and their systems. Performing surgery on animals requires not only special skills, but also high-tech and expensive surgical and diagnostic facilities and a hospital. The KUROSZ Clinic has such facilities at its disposal for all cardiology patients. This allows our surgeons to minimise the risks, which, after all, are always present when operating on a sleeping patient.

Surgical procedures are performed under inhalation anaesthesia after appropriate prior preparation of the affected animal. This is an anaesthetic technique that is still rarely used. This is because it requires special apparatus, but is also much safer and restores the animal’s wellbeing immediately after the procedure.

At the clinic, we perform surgical procedures for a great many types of conditions, as well as for the surgical treatment of the consequences of accidents (for example, traffic accidents) to which dogs and cats are subjected at least as often as humans. At the KUROSZ Clinic we undertake treatments as part of:

visceral surgery

surgery of the eye and its appendages: removal of papules from the third eyelid, surgery of dislocation of the gland of the third eyelid (cherry eye), correction of defects of the eyelids and eyelashes (entropium, ectropium) surgery of too small or too large eyelid crevice, ectopic lashes, birefringence of lashes, suturing of corneal wounds, surgical treatment of corneal ulcers, etc,

abdominal surgery: removal of foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract, surgery for gastric torsion (including prophylactic gastropexy) surgery for intussusception, removal of cancerous tumours, biopsies of abdominal organs, surgery of the liver, spleen, pancreas and gallbladder.

thoracic surgery: surgery for diaphragmatic hernia, suturing of chest wall wounds, suturing of tracheal wounds, drainage of the pleural cavity, surgery for tumours of the chest wall, mediastinum, lung tumours

surgery of the urinary and reproductive system: removal of tumours, removal of stones from the bladder and urethra, urethral excisions in dogs and cats, operations to rupture the bladder, neuterings, sterilisations, surgical treatment of prostate diseases, cysts, abscesses, tumours, operations for abscesses, caesarean sections.

Reconstructive surgery: including skin grafts, also from distant sites (after oncological treatments, burns, extensive trauma)

In addition, we perform:

  • Diagnostic laparotomies for diagnostic conditions requiring opening of the abdominal cavity,
  • Thoracotomies exploratory and therapeutic
  •  orthopaedic procedures (link to orthopaedics)
  •  oncological treatments (see section on veterinary oncology)
  • orthopaedic procedures (please see the relevant section on veterinary orthopaedics, as well as the section on TTA Rapid – the main method used in the clinic to treat anterior cruciate ligament disorders in dogs)

Surgical procedures in our clinic are carried out by:

Dr Katarzyna Wach – surgery specialist.

The Kurosz Clinic does not stop at just treating animals; we also provide rehabilitation services. Dog or cat rehabilitation is an equally important component of our patients’ recovery – please see the dedicated page: Animal Rehabilitation.