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Emergency visits

The KUROSZ clinic is not an ordinary veterinary clinic. We are also prepared to deal with emergencies. If necessary, we act like a Hospital Emergency Department in a clinic treating people. When a patient has an accident, or develops a sudden or unexpected worrying illness, there is no time to wait, no time to make an appointment. Action should be taken immediately.

That is why we have assembled medical equipment and facilities to make a diagnosis and start treatment on the spot, in the shortest possible time. We do not send our patients to other, better-equipped medical outlets because we ourselves are such a place.

We have full facilities for the rapid diagnosis of emergencies, a digital X-ray machine that gives an image in as little as five seconds, a well-equipped analytical laboratory (where we can, among other things, perform complex ammonia analyses on-site), an apparatus for so-called ‘ammonia’. heart echo, oxygen therapy, incubators and a hospital with heated cages.