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Veterinary hospital

Hospital treatment often offers a better chance of successful and faster treatment for patients. They are supervised around the clock by veterinary doctors and qualified assistants.

We are able to successfully treat patients according to international standards with multiple trauma, sepsis, pancreatitis, ketoacidosis, uremia, and many other conditions that would otherwise have a high mortality rate.

A hospital patient can be any animal; in a life-threatening condition, unable to take medication independently, whose only treatment option is 24-hour intravenous administration of medication and fluids, when the animal’s carer is unable to provide round-the-clock care or the extent of the care is so extensive that no-one at home can give it the attention it needs.

Among other things, the hospital is equipped with:

  • A modern, comfortable and safe set of cages and boxes, also heated for hypothermic patients, which have the possibility to serve as oxygen cages for the care of patients with dyspnoea.
  • Infusion pumps – specialised devices that administer fluids (drips) in the amount needed and at the right speed for each patient around the clock. This increases both the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Thanks to these devices, we are able to carry out therapies that require constant and very precise drug administration: for example, in patients with cardiac arrhythmias (anti-arrhythmic drugs) or after neurological trauma or a pharmacological coma.
  • Oxygen therapy equipment.
  • Equipment for suctioning airway fluids or air when treating emphysema.
  • Vital function monitors (ECG monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter).
  • 24-hour access to a fully equipped analytical laboratory (morphology, biochemistry, including electrolytes, glucose, ammonia!, hormones, fructosamine, phenobarbital).

We can also perform urine tests, imaging tests (X-ray, ultrasound, Doppler examinations) within minutes.

With patients after orthopaedic and neurological injuries, we often provide rehabilitation treatments during their stay in our hospital.

Thanks to the efficient and modern organisation of the hospital, we are able to quickly bring relief to our patients and minimise your stress about your pet’s illness.